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Birth Preparation

Invite your birth partner to a one-off preparation class! Friendly, informative and hands-on session on natural pain management techniques and postures, for an active and serene birth experience.


A dedicated space for the couple to rehearse movements and breathing techniques together, and help build confidence as a Team before the birth day.

We will explore ways in which your partner can support you during your labour, both practically and emotionally, including labour and birth positions, acupressure points, visualisations and breathing.

The session aims for you both to leave feeling better prepared, inspired and with some practical tools to help you during the birth of your child.

Venues: Knutsford, Hale, Manchester city centre, your home or Zoom.


Three-hour Couples classes are £65 and include a handbook plus a digital pack of useful links tailored to your own birth preferences - within Knutsford, Hartford or MCR City Centre’s distance. 2 hours 45 mins. 

Online sessions are 90 minutes  £40 + £10 postage if the handbook is sent to your home.

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To Book

Please contact Maryline for any questions via the contact page here

To book or register, click the button below.

You can also view our testimonials from couples who have attended the workshop previously at the bottom of this page

Kay, Manchester

"Your classes prepared me to cope at home for longer during labour. My husband Jason also remembered the techniques you taught us in the preparation for birth class we did and was a brilliant birth partner. Thank you so much for your help, your classes gave me the confidence to cope and trust my body."

Sonja, Manchester

"It was really helpful to have the opportunity to share what I’ve been learning over the last few months with Will. It was a lovely atmosphere and a practical, straight forward guide through the journey of labour. Maryline gave us just the right amount of information, a variety of ideas and approaches but not an overload of options. We look forward to feeding back on how it goes!"

Rachel, Knutsford

"Thank you so much for the Birth Preparation session! Phillip and I both found it extremely useful and very practical advice and our only hope is that we put it all into practice!! Phillip found it particularly useful and I think he now feels he can be an active member during the process rather than an observer so thanks again!"

Kate, Knutsford

"I can’t begin to describe how happy I am with the birth. Your birth prep course was invaluable to help us work together and Tom hasn’t stopped talking about how much he enjoyed the birth as he had such a hands on role. So thank you! I have already recommended your yoga & birthing prep course to several people. We couldn’t have done it the way we wanted without it."

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