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Breathing & Movement for Surges - Ideas for your Labour Tool Bag

Did you know? Breathing is a key element for comfort during labour!
So is the physical posture you’ll choose when having surges…Through the simple act of breathing, we can regulate our nervous system. More precisely, the lengthening of the exhalation switches on an automatic relaxation response. The longer you exhale, the deeper you relax during labour, and the smoother your experience of it!

Practicing regularly before the big day, means you have more chances to easily access the techniques when challenged by the labour sensations. Being prepared through practice plus a birth environment conducive to mum feeling supported and listened to, will impact on the birth experience! In these videos, you’ll try the Golden Thread breath or Up Breath, typically used for the first stage of labour (whilst the cervix is dilating), and the Down Breath of labour, helpful in the second stage, when the body pushes baby out. Both tutorials emphasise on Upright, Forward and Open (UFO) positions and give you many tips for an efficient and more comfortable labour. Building your labour tool bag will help you feel empowered and excited about the prospects of being in control during birth. For your practice today, you’ll need a chair, or a ball, padding for your knees, and a nice comfy pillow.  Enjoy ✨ 
Up Breath – Golden Thread Breath

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